Yves Simon is a writer and a composer.

     At the age of 24 he wrote his first book, soon published by Grasset. Seven novels followed as well as a compilation: Un Instant de Bonheur (1997).

     Le Voyageur Magnifique (The Magnificient Voyager - 1987) received the « Booksellers award » and sold over 200,000 copies.

     His seventh novel, La Dérive des Sentiments (The Drift of Feelings) obtained one of the four French Litterature Grand Prizes, the Medicis Prize, and sold 550,000 copies as a pocket size publication. His novels are translated in over ten countries including Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands... As a composer, he was awarded in 1997 the grand Prix Chanson of the French Academy. This eclectism in the areas of poetry, literature and music lead philosopher Michel Foucault to write : « Yves Simon is among those works enormously capture my interest, and under every aspect. »

     Great traveler, Yves Simon circled the globe many times. But it is in France, and more precisely in Paris, his hometown, that he finds his inspiration. His books reflect today’s incertainties, urban solitude and the feeling of love.

     His romantic work compares to the one of a historian: his ambition being to translate into fiction every aspiration, fear, utopia, declared or canealed, of our time.